Regional Public Organization "Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow"

RPO "Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow" was created in 2015.

The main goal of the organization is to reduce tensions in Moscow and other regions of Russia caused by the massive accumulation of migrants, to legalize the temporary stay of immigrants in RF, to create and maintain, in Russian society, an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual understanding among representatives of different nationalities.
Main areas of activity:
- provide expertize on Russian migration legislation to foreign citizens temporarily staying in the Russian Federation;
- advising foreign citizens on the current legislation of Russian Federation;
- facilitate the media coverage of changes in the Russian migration legislation;
- popularization among migrants of a lifestyle characterized by strict observance of the Russian law;
- providing information on customs and rules honored in the Russian society;
- explaining to migrants the procedures for obtaining work permits, work licences and other authorizations;
- interaction with public authorities and civic organizations engaged in activities in the field of migration;
- close cooperation with representatives of national diasporas on the issues of Russian migration legislation and awareness activities among fellow countrymen.
The activities carried out by the organization are not solely aimed at labour migrants, but also at other categories of foreign citizens, such as:
- refugees, including those who received temporary asylum in the Russian Federation;
- children and teenagers;
- women;
- inmates;
- large families;
- young people and students;
- people in a difficult life situation;
- victims of violence.
At the end of 2015, the RCO “Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow” created a Multifunctional Center “Migrant's House” where visitors could promptly receive updated information on the latest legal developments, directions on the procedure and timeframes regarding the issue of working permits and virtually first-hand information on the sanctions for the violation of this procedure.
There have been carried out regular seminars on the most complex provisions of the Russian Federation legislation, regulating the procedure of stay (residence) of foreign citizens based on their legal status.
The RCO "Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow " received the right to implement the state project on the development and distribution of a guide for immigrants on the rules of behavior in the city of Moscow, which had the purpose to promote a positive image of the capital as a city with high-tech facilities and infrastructure for integration and adaptation of foreign migrant workers to Russian society, as well as to reduce the tension among the Muscovites and within immigrant community. In addition to development and distribution of the printed guide, an innovative Internet resource, was launched. Both these projects managed to reach a multimillion audience.

The statistical data provided by the Multifunctional Migration Center in Moscow confirmed the efficiency of the project “Code of Conduct for the Migrants in the City of Moscow”: for the first quarter of 2017 the number of issued working permits in the city of Moscow increased by 21%.
During the amnesty period for citizens of the Republic of Moldova, which lasted from 1st to 20th of March 2017, the RCO “Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow” was virtually the only source of information for Moldovans. Video tutorials were released regularly on the social networks and on the YouTube channel.

The head of the RCO “Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow”, Alexander Valerievich Kalinin, is the current chairman of the Interregional Public Organization “Congress of Moldovan Diasporas” (as well as the Chairman of the “Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow” organization registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation), the President of the Commission for Migration Policies and Adaptation of Migrants of the Council of Nationalities within the Government of Moscow, the member of the Council of Nationalities within the Government of Moscow and the member of the Advisory Council of Nationalities of the Moscow Region.

At the moment, the RCO “Support of Labour Migrants of Moscow” launched the site, which was approved and awarded a grant by the Government of Moscow (Decree of the Government of Moscow No. 414- ПП dated July 4, 2017)
This is the first resource dedicated to immigrants, which both informs the immigrants about the latest relevant developments in the field of migration, and provides assistance in solving any legal problems.
The Internet project “” provides information that shows the advantages of legal stay on the territory of Russia and thereby helps the target audience to avoid the problems with the law, the fines and deportation.
The site “” contains a sort of reference book, which provides to migrants, in accessible and understandable way, all the necessary information on Russian legislation in the field of migration. The reference book also contains the full texts of federal laws and regulations in the field of migration.
In addition to the current legal information for migrants, the resource also provides entertainment content. There are success stories of famous migrants, information on national cuisine, holidays, and tourism, Russian language courses, etc. Such materials increase the popularity and traffic growth of the site.
To enhance the audience experience, the information provided on the site is promptly translated into five languages (Uzbek, Tajik, Azerbaijani, Moldovan, English).
This project has its own legal service. The experts provide comments on any migration-related issues, and in case of a potential conflict, provide recommendations on how to prevent it.
The portal's video channel is a real national television. Traditionally, there are conducted live broadcasts which acts as a platform for debates on the most acute social problems faced by migrants, peculiarities of the migration legislation of the Russian Federation and other issues that affect the immigrant population. A number of various video formats have been developed to include both useful and entertaining content. The video channel is presented on YouTube and on social media. All materials are available 24/7.