​About the project

You citizen of Azerbaijan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Ukraine? Do you plan to live and work in Moscow? Or perhaps you are in the capital right now and have already faced legal problems or simply, or due to your personal reasons, interested in questions of labor migration? Then project 90180.ru is for you!

We don’t only tell and show (we have own video studio) how to be legalized in the capital of Russia, how apply these or those documents, don’t only we entertain you with stories about life of your diasporas, about national cuisines, culture and other Moscow realities of the original people, but also we give practical support to the people who have faced legal problems.

Our lawyers right here, on the website, and in our groups on social networks ("Odnoklassniki", VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter) quickly comment on any events connected with migration problems and in the mode of online consultations as well answer all questions labor workers of Moscow arise.

The inspirer and the founder of the project 90180.ru — the head of Regional public organization "Supports of Labor Workers of Moscow" Alexander Kalinin. He is also the chairman of the Commission on migration policy and adaptation of migrants of Council for affairs of nationalities at the Government of Moscow. Alexander Kalinin doesn’t need detailed representation to our audience. His channel on YouTube is for certain known to you and has already helped hundreds of thousands of migrants with the solution of their problems.

The name "90180.ru" for our project hasn’t been chosen by chance. Exactly this way — "90/180" — is called the rule adopted in January 2014.It is that citizens of the "visa-free" countries have the right to stay in Russia no more than 90 days totally within 180 days in case they haven't processed any documents giving the grounds to be in Russia longer term (for example, the patent).It means that, having stayed 90 days in our country, the foreigner has to leave and return back he will be able not at once but only in 90 days. For violation of this rule the large penalty is provided, and the prohibition on entry into Russia for a period of up to five years in certain cases works.

The mission of the website "90180.ru" is extremely concrete:

- we FOR legalization of all labor migrants of Moscow;

- BUT we are AGAINST illegal migration and ready to do everything finally to overcome it;

- we FOR respect for the rights of all labor migrants of Moscow;

- BUT we AGAINST violation of the Russian legislation by them.

We draw the attention of our readers and audience to that fact that the project 90180.ru appears in five versions: Azerbaijani, English, Moldavian, Tajik, Uzbek.

Have a pleasant, and, above all useful reading and watching!

"90180.ru" office addrees: 127521, Moscow, Sheremetyevskaya St., 47.

Ph.: +7 (495) 320-90-80.

E-mail: info@90180.info (edition); 90180@90180.info (legal aid).