About Alexander Kalinin

Alexander Kalinin is the chairman of the Commission on migration policy and adaptation of migrants of Council for affairs of nationalities of the Government of Moscow, the member of the commission on migration questions of Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the international relations, the member of council for nationalities at the Government of Moscow, the member of the Advisory board for nationalities of the Moscow region, the chairman of Regional public organization "Supports of Migrant Workers of Moscow" and Interregional public organization "Congress of the Moldavian Diasporas" (both organizations are registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation).


1994-1996 — Polytechnic College of Balti

1996-2000 — Faculty of Law, Alecu Russo State University in Balti. MA of civil rights.

2011- 2013 — Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, graduated with honors.

—MBA program of the Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS).
Public Activity

— Since 2009 heads Public Organization "Congress of Moldovan Diasporas".

—Since 2015 heads Regional Public Organization "Support for Migrant Workers of Moscow". Conducts explanatory and advisory work for nationals of the CIS countries, propagandizes legal migration. Personal A.V. Kalinin’s Internet resources have gained a big authority among migrants. Pages on social networks have a large number of subscribers and high ratings.

—Since 2017 has started project “90180.ru”, aimed at informing migrants on rules of stay within the territory of the Russian Federation. Information Internet resource realizes news content, the airs in the mode question-answer, the program on start of studio air, short films, social ads and methodical aids.

Personal achievements

— Developed the program of voluntary health insurance of migrants which is used today by the largest insurance companies in Russia.

— In February 2016 prevented confrontation of labor migrants from Uzbekistan with FMS of Russia in connection with replacement in Uzbekistan of passports and a note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan in the MFA of Russia.

— Realized a large-scale action on informing migrants of Tajikistan and Moldova. During amnesty for citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Tajikistan from March 1 to April 30, 2017 it was almost only information source for more than 5,5 million migrants.

— Created legal service and several online resources for free consultations of labor migrants in Russia where visitors quickly obtain relevant legal information, consultations necessary for them about an order and terms of execution of permitting documents and about the provided sanctions for the breaches (The multipurpose center "House of the Migrant", the www.90180.ru, www.rusmigrant.com resources).

— Realized the state project on creation and distribution of an instruction "About code of conduct of the migrant in Moscow’’ to maintain the positive image of the capital as the city having high-tech means and necessary infrastructure for implementation of the program for integration and adaptation of foreign working migrants in the Russian society and also decrease the level of tension among Muscovites and in the migrants’ environment. Statistical data of the Moscow Multipurpose migration center have confirmed efficiency of the project of an instruction " About code of conduct of the migrant in Moscow ": for the first quarter 2017 the number of issue of labor patents around Moscow has increased by 21 percent.

— In September 2017 prevented mass riots by negotiations with the citizens of Tajikistan in Moscow and disturbing the public peace near Lyublino because their compatriot has seriously suffered under the obscure circumstances.

Socio-political position

Alexander Kalinin actively supports the idea of peaceful co-existence and interethnic concord, supports legalization of migrants and strict control of migration flows within the territory of Russia. At the same time considers that in fight against crime among visitors and xenophobia manifestations manipulation with migration subject isn't an effective method.


Married. Two children.


Awarded by the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill a medal of Russian Orthodox Church "In memory of the 1000 anniversary of the Saint grand duke Vladimir equal to the apostles".

Awarded by the union of paratroopers of Russia with the medal "For Fidelity to Duty and to the Fatherland" for holding peace talks with migrants during the conflict in Moscow on September 20-21, 2017, prevention of development of the conflict and long-term honest work in the sphere of national security of the Russian Federation.

Awarded for conflict prevention with participation of migrants with a medal Talent and calling" by the World alliance "Peacemaker" .